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is that. >> president obama policy heretofore, red lines, he larry carries them out. that is a pretty gutsy move, what will be the next step? what do chinese do? what do iranians do? seems doesn't make a lot of sense or is it very likely. a much better plan would be to say we'll keystone pipeline, we'll frack, and drive the price of oil down, russia if the price of oil goes down below 80 or $90 a barrel, they are bankrupt. they can't do anything of these stuff. don't have military and subsidies to people and have a little political unrest. gerri: a lot of people completely lost sight of that economic resistance, health programs, you name it. do we have much -- >> real problem ukraine has they need $30 billion bailout and we're not going to step up for that. european union isn't. and imf won't unless is some major restructuring of corruption and good government. who is willing to step up for that? the russians. gerri: we have a long way to go. >> this story is not over yet by a long shot. gerri: i think we'll have a long time stalk talking about this. i hope you will be available to ch
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1